Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is there a cost to becoming a CRN member?
    No. Membership is free for any one who meets the membership criteria as outlined in the terms of use.
  2. What if I don't see the appropriate category when I go to set up my profile?
    While we have tried to create a comprehensive list of categories, we recognize we may need to modify the network over time in order to best meet the needs of its members. We will always welcome feedback and suggestions! Once you have logged onto the CRN you can use the "Email Us" link that is located on the bottom of each page to send us questions, suggestions, or concerns. This link also appears on the My Profile page, near the categories. Please use this link to suggest additional categories.
  3. What if I am not receiving any requests, or I am receiving requests that are not applicable to me?
    Most likely the problem stems from your profile. Log on to the network and visit the My Profile page to confirm that you have checked the appropriate categories. Members manage their profiles and use the categories to tell the network what types of requests you want to hear about.
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