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Our Story

About the Founder -  Wasi Khan

Wasi Khan has more than 30 years of IT experience, designing and developing large systems both in the US and abroad. He has worked with clients in India, Singapore, and Middle Eastern countries. In 2003, Wasi established Galaxux, a company dedicated to creating, maintaining, and improving applications that cater to clients of the Department of Human Services, including seniors and people with disabilities, child welfare, women, infants, and children, addiction and mental health, and refugee resettlement.


In 2015, Wasi saw an opportunity to address gaps in the community's needs and the services provided through the traditional programs. Wasi worked with his Galaxux team to develop the Community Resource Network (CRN). This technology platform offers services to community members that aren't typically available. Since its launch in 2016, CRN has helped countless families and individuals in need and continues to expand its reach. Wasi and his team remain devoted to enhancing and supporting the CRN platform as they introduce it to more communities. As Galaxux's Founder, President, and CEO, Wasi leverages his expertise to make a positive impact on his community and assist those who require help.

What We Do

Bridging the Gaps to Fill Unmet Needs

How does it work?

The CRN is comprised of public bodies, non-profits, for-profit businesses, tribes, and individuals. When a member becomes aware of a need it is posted on the CRN. No personally identifiable information about the client is listed, just the basics about the need. The CRN uses custom matching to only notify those members whose profiles match the need. CRN Members contact the requester directly to coordinate details. The CRN platform connects resources to needs in the local community.

CRN Members Can

  • Share resources or goods.

  • View and fulfill requests from other CRN members.

  • Seek resources for unmet needs.

  • Gather quarterly to celebrate CRN successes and view real-time community data.

  • Provide input to add new functionality and improve the CRN.

Food Donation Volunteers

Emergency and non-emergency events

The Community Resource Network Event feature is a useful tool for sharing resources and information during both emergency and non-emergency events. It allows for real-time updates and help mobilize resources and volunteers quickly. In addition, it can help increase community awareness and encourage collaboration and cooperation during events.

About Galaxux

Galaxux was incorporated in Oregon in 2003. Galaxux is a highly customer-focused company that provides full lifecycle consulting services for business and technology strategy, program and project management, technology roadmap, alternative analysis, as-is and to-be analysis, requirements management, business analysis, application development and delivery, implementations, legacy migration, data migration, and SaaS implementations.

Galaxux is an SBA 8(a) certified, and Oregon MBE-certified firm based in Salem, OR. 

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